Government of Nepal

Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation

Department of Water Resources and Irrigation

Sikta Irrigation Project

Nepalgunj, Banke

Work Detail

  • Salient Feature

    Project Name:

    Sikta Irrigation Project

    Irrigated Area (CCA):

    42,766 hectares (Right side: 33766 ha, Left side: 9000 ha)

    Source Name:

    West Rapti River

    Minimum flow:

    8.50 cumecs (80% reliable)

    Design flow:

    8,255 cumecs

    Type of barrage:

    Single lane bridge with barrage and under sluice on both sides

    Length of barrage:

    317 meters

    Number of spans and length:

    13 gates of 17 meters span on the carriageway. Three gates of 10 meter span on the right side of the undersluice section. 2 gates of 10 meters span on the left side.

    Length of desilting basin :

    640 m.

    Western Main Canal

    Total length: 45.2 km, idle length: 30 km.

    Capacity: 50 m3/per second

    Branch Canals: 8 nos (Dundua Irrigation System, Sidhnia, Akalgharwa, Gohwa, Parasenipur, Pidari, Guruwagon, Titaria

    Eastern Main Canal

    Total Length: 53.5 km, Idle Length: 900 m

    Capacity: 14.9 m3/per second

    Branch Canals: 8 nos (Fatepur Irrigation System and Rajkulo Irrigation System and other eight branches)


    Internal rate of return




    Current Agricultural Intensity: 168%

    Agricultural intensification after the project: 242%


    Population benefited


    Number of households benefited


    Project Implementation Phase

    Phase 1 Construction of sheds and desilting basins

    Phase 2 Construction of main canal and branch canal

    Phase 3 Command Area Development and Defense


    Project start date

    F/Y 2061/62

    Project Completion Date (According to Revised Master Plan)

    F/Y 2089/90

    Total cost approx.

    According to the master plan approved in F/Y 2078/79, the total cost of the project is NRs. 52 billion 89 million